Mommy & Me

Our Mommy & Me program is a parent-participation program for little ones who are walking through 3 years of age.

   Each 30 minute class is packed with structured activities designed to help teach coordination, balance and agility, help with motor-development, as well as peer-interaction and following directions.

   Classes begin with a warm-up and stretch, followed by across the floor activities like bear crawls, jumps, and rolls. Each class includes an obstacle course that focuses on a different skill or gymnastics event each week (balance beam, bars, floor, or vault) to start teaching the basics of gymnastics. Classes end with time on our 30-foot trampoline and/or parachute and songs, and finally stamps for the kids.

   These classes are so much fun and a great learning experience! Check out of schedule for a full list of days and times that classes are offered!


1 class per week:     $35.00/month

2 classes per week: $55.00/month


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