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Here at Kt's We Do Testing Every 3 months

​The Way Testing Works is your child must Know How to perform the Proper skills for their level

(Spotting depends on level) 

on Vault, Beam, Bar & Floor and Know all the terms on our skill sheets.

(Skill Sheets Are available upon Request)

Testing is Invite Only. 

So If One of our Qualified Coaches thinks your child is ready! They will hand you a paper with the date of testing & what they will be testing for!

The Day of testing Parents Will be seated By Coaches

We ask that you 

  • Do not Answer Phone Calls
  • ​Don't Help your kids, they're on their own
  • & Don't Ask us if your child has passed. You will find out the Next time your child comes to class

This is a Very Amazing & Special Day For your Child so lets Make it as Fun As possible!!

Next Testing Date: TBA

Testing Is Coming Up!