Santa Maria's Premier Gymnastics Center

Here at Kt's We Do Testing Every 3 months

​The Way Testing Works is your child must Know How to perform the Proper skills for their level

(Spotting depends on level) 

on Vault, Beam, Bar & Floor and Know all the terms on our skill sheets.

(Skill Sheets Are available upon Request)

Testing is Invite Only. 

​So only Invited Participants will know our testing date & time.

So If One of our Qualified Coaches thinks your child is ready! They will hand you a paper with the date of testing & what they will be testing for!

The Day of testing Parents Will be seated By Coaches

We ask that you 

  • Do not Answer Phone Calls
  • ​Don't Help your kids, they're on their own
  • & Don't Ask us if your child has passed. You will find out the Next time your child comes to class

This is a Very Amazing & Special Day For your Child so lets Make it as Fun As possible!!

Testing Is Coming Up!